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giovedì 11 luglio 2013

My first experiments with street photography

I have always liked street photography, and in general photos of people. It's fascinating to capture glimpses of the lives of passers-by, and somehow it makes me feel at home in the world, because everywhere you look you will find signs of connection and love: friends talking, people holding hands or kissing, people and their pets. Warm looks and sudden smiles. Yesterday I decided to overcome my shyness and try my own street photography shots.

And if you just stand in one place and wait, great photo opportunities will just bloom all around you: a little girl sitting on an empty staircase, a family of four all holding hands, a couple meeting, a man standing and waiting in the hall of the central metro station..... and last but not least, kind seagulls flying through the square, turning an otherwise boring photo into something alive and beautiful in its suddenness.

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