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martedì 8 maggio 2012

Second hand treasure hunt

I love second hand shops. You can find anything you might ever want, and each item has its own story, because nothing is new there. In Sweden there are many second hand shops, and I especially like the chain "Myrorna". We all like it in my little family, and to make you understand just how much we like it, I will tell you this: my daughter's first word was actually Myrorna! :D Recently, we have established a sort of routine, according to which we go to one particular Myrorna, get loads of gorgeous books, lovely cups, soft puppets ("friends", as my daughter calls them) and stop at a nearby Pizzeria on our way back.

Myrorna is also a charity association, which means that all the money you give will help people in need. Which is just one very good reason to indulge in second hand treasure hunts.

At Myrorna you can find things you'd probably never buy, like the oldest vacuum cleaners,

and old sewing machines,

but you especially find things you just grab and take home, like cute old Penguins,

and brand new Penguins,

and precious books you wouldn't dare hope to find....

and, of course, lovely "friends",

and gorgeous cups.

It's truly unbelievable what wonderful books you can find there, and of course it's much more exciting to accidentally find them there than to order them on the net. Last time, among other things, I found a big book one of my best friends had recommended once: Women who run with wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. I just couldn't believe it!! :)

On the way home after our big hunt, we stopped at the pizzeria. Soon after us, a father and his teenage son got in, unbelievably similar, it was like seeing the same face travelling through time. They sat by the window and talked, and it filled my heart with tenderness to see them, they were so beautiful. A pure, simple, warm image of love.

I will end this post with a beginning: the first lines of a book I found at Myrorna, The House on the Strand, by Daphne du Maurier. It describes the exact feeling I get when I come to Sweden after being in Italy: colours are sharper, more defined, while in Italy, for some reason, colours tend to blend and melt into each other, and they are softer and less exact.

“The first thing I noticed was the clarity of the air, and then the sharp green colour of the land. There was no softness anywhere. The distant hills did not blend into the sky but stood out like rocks, so close that I could almost touch them, their proximity giving me that shock of surprise and wonder which a child feels looking for the first time through a telescope. Nearer to me, too, each object had the same hard quality, the very grass turning to single blades, springing from a younger, harsher soil than the soil I knew.”

4 commenti:

  1. I really like how you write what I feel..

  2. Thank you SO much! I feel the same when I read your blog, btw..

  3. Sometimes I went to sell my books, CDs, and DVDs at a second hand store to make my room clean, but I can't stand buying another second hand books, CDs, and DVDs there. So in the end my room will never be clean, but it isn't bad because I'm happy to get them, haha.

  4. You remind me that I also exchanged many cd's in a second hand place in London! Especially once I went home with lots of good stuff, like two albums by the Icelandic band Múm, do you know them?
    But I never sell books, I adore my books! We have over 1,000 of them at home :)