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giovedì 8 dicembre 2011


NELLI PALOMÄKI was born in Finland in 1981. She started exhibiting her works in collective exhibitions in 2004, and in 2008 as a solo artist. She is a portrait photographer, it is true, yet this definition in her case is very reductive. Portrait photographs are usually not natural, because the subject is perfectly conscious of being looked at, studied, examined. The photographer has time to think, search, decide. Yet Nelli Palomaki makes every picture dreamy and suffused with different emotions, because the interaction between photographer (herself) and subjects makes every single photo different from all the others, and the feelings experienced in the acts of photographing and being photographed create the final image. She wrote:

The way people act in front of camera, is truly fascinating. Desperately searching for their mirror-face which only exist in their mind. Everyone is aware of their better side and even more aware of their flaws, unsuccessfully hiding them. But they can recognize the same thing in me, realizing this makes me really insecure and nervous. This makes the portraiture, the actual moment of taking the image, really extraordinary. Accepting the fact that we are there as we really exist, with our good and bad features, makes it suddenly quite comfortable.

Kulturhuset in Stockholm is currently hosting a selection of her works.

This is her personal website.

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