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sabato 3 dicembre 2011

In a Lonely Place. Gregory Crewdson's America

Today I finished reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, by American writer Carson McCullers. The characters of the novel and their stories are still trying to settle down in my mind, so it will take a few days before I can write a review of the book. The novel is set in the US, somewhere in the South, in the late 30's. While I was reading I realized more than once that I visualized streets, houses and places through the photographs of Gregory Crewdson. Last spring I saw an exhibition of his works at Kulturhuset, Stockholm. It was called In a Lonely Place. I don't know whether the photos were actually shot in the South of the United States or not, anyway they remained very much with me, especially their nocturnal, slightly surreal atmosphere.
Gregory Crewdson was born in NY in 1962. His photos almost always represent either streets of small towns or household scenes. In both cases he shots them with the help of big crews as they are elaborately staged and lighted. Films and paintings influenced his works: echoes of David Lynch and Edward Hopper are particularly evident. Surreal and uncanny elements creep into his pictures, making them disturbingly unnatural, yet fascinating and beautiful. Here are some.

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